Triax SIM-P: Wearable Head Impact Monitor for All Sports

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The Triax SIM-P is a lightweight, highly sensitive impact sensing and reporting device, intended for use during sports and related activities where there is a possibility of head impact injury.

The SIM-P module may be comfortably worn during sports activities using either a headband or skullcap. It will record all impacts and accelerations greater than a pre-programmed trigger point. All measurements are transmitted in real time to the Triax app via Bluetooth connection.

The SIM-P can be used to alert a user of a high impact event, as well as track repetitive lower impacts over the course of a season.

You can choose between various head band styles and skull caps depending on your preference for comfort, look and feel. Visit if you have any questions about the SIM-P.

Certified by the Sports Legacy Institute to track hits in ALL Sports

Transmits via Bluetooth to Smartphone application when within 40 feet of your smartphone

Worn in custom head band or skull cap, weighing only 5.7 grams

Extra set of eyes to track hits to the head in real time for your child

Actionable data on your Smartphone

Product Information

Item Model / Model No.:SIMP-1001

Shipping Weight:8 ounces

Packaging Size:1.3 x 0.6 x 0.3 inches ; 0.2 ounces