Speed and Distance Heart Rate Watch with Jumbo Digits

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Time & date. Daily alarm. Jumbo digit LCD. Dual purpose (Walking or Running) 3D sensor. Intelligent step filter function. Chronograph with 30 laps memory record. Current/average heart rate. Target heart rate zone alert alarm. Target ime alert alarm. Current/average speed. Step counting. Total distance This heart rate monitor and watch is the perfect addition to your training program Now you can monitor your heart rate as you run, jog, or doing any cardiovascular exercise. This watch also includes a chronograph, daily alarm, heart rate statistics. You can hook it up to your PC to download your data and analyze it over time. It's also equipped with a pedometer to count your steps and calorie and fat burned counters. Don't exercise without Pyle Sports!

Intelligent step filter function

Daily alarm

Time & date

Jumbo digit LCD

Dual purpose (Walking or Running) 3D sensor

Product Information

Packaging Size:7.9 x 5.9 x 2.5 inches ; 2 pounds

Item Model / Model No.:PHRM24

Shipping Weight:11.2 ounces