Sigma PC22.13 Men's Heart Rate Monitor - Heart Rate Monitor

Sigma PC22.13 Men's Heart Rate Monitor

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This is the perfect heart rate monitor for training in the gym and with friends. The heart rate values are transmitted securely and ECG-accurately through the use of the digitally encoded STS transmission system. While training, users can view their current heart rate and the total number of calories burned at a glance. With only two buttons, the heart rate monitor is exceptionally simple to operate.Features:*Digitally encoded wireless transmission*ECG-accurate*Easy-to-read display with large figures and pictograms*Automated function for calculating the target zone*One adjustable target zone*Calorie counter*Backlit display*Button lock*Watertight

One customizable training zone with audible and/or visual zone alarm

Water resistant

Calorie counter, user replaceable battery, settings stored during a battery change

Large easy to read backlit display

Digitally coded, ECG accurate heart rate monitor