Polar M400 Blue Pulsometer 2015

Reference Price:$191.02


the polar m400 blue pulsometer 2015 is a device that provides speed/rate data, in addition to incorporating gps. it is the ideal complement for outdoor, such as running and cycling sports. features: -heart rate monitor with gps. -it allows to plan and analyze in depth training. -control pace, distance and altitude with the integrated gps. -control of calories and steps 24/7. -allows to synchronize and share workouts with the mobile app and the web service polar flow. -mobile application: automatically synchronizes and displays data from training at the moment, shows the way back with back to start, quick visual summary of training, analyses achievements and easy synchronization with bluetooth smart among many other features. -web service: allows the creation of profiles of sports and custom views, as well as the creation of training objectives.