Polar Ft60 Fitness Heart Rate Monitor

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The Polar FT60 heart rate monitor features: Polar OwnCal for calculating the number of kilocalories expended during your workout Polar Fitness Test for measuring your aerobic fitness level Wireless ECG accuracy Compatibility with Automatic age-based target zones Manual target heart rate zones ZonePointer and ZoneLock Stopwatch Water resistant up to 30m Weekly history Optional speed/pace and distance monitoring with the S1 Foot Pod And these are just a few of the features the Polar FT60 heart rate monitor offers. In addition to the features mentioned above, the Polar FT60 also offers the Polar STAR training program, complete with weekly targets for your training. It's like having your own personal coach, guiding you along with targeted workouts that take into account your fitness level, activity level, training goal, and personal information (weight, height, sex, and age). Available in several color options for men and women. In the Box Manual Polar FT60 Polar H1 Transmitter

Polar FT60 Fitness Heart Rate Monitor