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Polar A3 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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Set Your Own Limits! Let your heart rate monitor guide you like a personal trainer. The A3 has the new Zone Pointer" feature that helps keep you in your Target Zone. Every exercise in your TZ puts you one step closer to your goal. File storage allows you to view previous workout data to help establish goals for your current workout. Main Features: Continuous HR Zone Pointer - visually guides you within your TZ Auto/Adjustable HR Limits % of Max HR Fitness Bullets - visual indicator of exercise time spent in TZ Exercise Timer Watch Functions 1 Storage File Avg. HR Total exercise time. An economic, yet very durable heart rate monitor from the trusted leaders in this field. The Polar Target Heart Rate Monitor is designed to indicate heart rate during physical activity and no other use is intended or implied.


Offering a step up in features from the F1, the Polar A3 heart rate monitor offers manual and automatic heart rate limit settings and personal target heart rates, in addition to display of current/average heart rate, exercise time, and time of day. You can use the A3 monitor to conveniently view your heart rate while walking, swimming, cross-country skiing, or any other exercise without disturbing your exercise rhythm. It comes with the A3 wrist unit (which resembles a watch), a transmitter that's worn comfortably around your chest, and an elastic strap to hold the transmitter in place. The A3's visible and audible Zone Pointer feature on the monitor's display shows your target heart rate zone and where your current heart rate is within that zone. The Fitness Bullets feature shows a bullet on the monitor's display for every 10 minutes spent exercising/training in your target heart rate zone. The Time in Target Zone feature calculates the amount of total exercise time spent in your personal target zone. You can use this feature together with the Total Exercise Time to determine the effectiveness of your exercise program. Feature Detail: Displays heart rate, exercise time, and average heart rate Manual and automatic heart rate limit settings Personal target heart rate zones; heart rate Zone Pointer with alarm function 24 hour clock with day/week indicator and stopwatch Large easy-to-read display with split screen One-year average battery life Water resistant to 30 meters (100 feet) What's in the Box?

A3 heart rate monitor watch unit, wireless transmitter, elastic strap, battery (built-in CR2032 lithium cell), printed instructions Manufacturer Warranty

2-year limited warranty Note:

Polar heart rate monitors are precision instruments; consumers are not advised to change their own battery. Polar recommends that all service be done by an authorized Polar Service Center which will include a warranty for 90 days on repairs and 6 months for batteries.

Also displays your heart rate limits (which can be set manually), fitness bullets, exercise time, date, time, and average heart rate of total workout

Large, easily read LCD

Wrist receiver water resistant to 20 meters

Wireless ECG gives accurate heart rate measurement from chest to wrist

Zone Pointer visually indicates where you are within your target zone

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