HeartQ Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) & Sports Watch, Activity Tracker, Calorie Counter, Heart Rate Target In-Zone Timer, Stopwatch,

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HeartQ heart rate monitor provides valuable information so you can exercise smarter. It is easy and intuitive to use so you can get a quick start. It's perfect for anyone who want to manage their workout intensity and calorie during exercise. *Exercise Intelligence* HeartQ provides more data than simple fitness watches so that you get the most out of your workout. Armed with real-time information you can adjust the intensity of your workout to stay within target zones and achieve your highest potential. *Accurate Calorie Burn* More than just a heart monitor, HeartQ will accurately calculate and display the calories you are burning so you can track it throughout a workout or throughout the day. *Discover How To Reach Your Fitness Goals* You shouldn't have to guess. Am I doing this right? Should I push harder? For how long? Put science on your side and use real time data to tell you how to push yourself to your max potential without going too far. *Key Features* - 3 Selectable Heart Rate Zones - Calories-Burned Counter - Activity Tracker - Chronograph - In-Zone Timer - UV Coating - Anti-Rust Protection - Age/Gender/Weight Settings for Precise Measurements - Upper/Lower Target Heart Rate (THR) Zone Alarm - Max / Avg Heart Rate Display - Easy Navigation - Exercise Data Recall - Audio/Visual Alarms - Time and Date Display - Stop Watch / Timer - EL Backlight for at-a-glance monitoring

State of the art electroluminescence backlight display for at-a-glance monitoring. Tracks calorie expenditure for maximum data input and motivational support.

Built-in dual alarms (audio/visual) keep you alert and up-to-date on your workout progression. Long-lasting Lithium Ion CR-2032 battery for long-lasting results. Heart rate graphics for quick zone tracking.

Timer/stopwatch Feature. Instructional EBook accompanying purchase. Unparalleled "No-question Asked 30-Day Money-back Guarantee" for a risk-free purchase.

3 selectable target heart rate zones to accommodate a variety of fitness needs. Work out at your own pace and intensity to achieve your fitness goals: a healthy heart, weight loss, enhanced endurance and stamina, and an increase in overall muscular and body strength.

Sleek, sophisticated, and stylish heart rate monitor and fitness sport watch - easy to program and navigate. Effective and appropriate for all ages, genders, and weight classifications. Adjustable comfort chest strap constructed of durable, stretchable, and soft polyurethane.

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